About Us

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The Druid Ukes is an informal club of ukulele players of varying skill levels in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. We have no dues and no attendance policy. We meet on a semi-regular basis at the Druid City Brewing Company.

Why "druid"?

One of Tuscaloosa's nicknames is the "Druid City," a moniker it acquired due to its stately oak trees. As the Encyclopedia of Alabama explains further, "Tuscaloosa was known as 'The Oak City' and 'The Druid City' (after an ancient Celtic people who worshipped oaks) in its early years because huge water oak trees lined the downtown streets." Hence, Tuscaloosa features Druid City Pride, the Druid City Brewing Company, the Druid City Arts Festival, and the Druid City Hospital, among other druid-named entities.

So far as we know, none of our members are actually druids. Like this fellow, "An Arch Druid in his Judicial Habit Charles," by Hamilton Smith..

druid oak tree
Source: Royal Academy of Arts, London.


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druid oak tree


We're not sponsored by the Guitar Gallery, but we like to support local buisnesses and recommend buying ukulele supplies there.